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This clinic is one step solution for hair, skin and sexual problems.

It is run by Dr. Amitkumar D. Barai and his wife Dr. Priya Amitkumar Barai. Both have completed their B.A.M.S. from Kolhapur.

After that Dr. Amit has done M.D. (Bio) and he is Gold Medalist in it. This same way Dr. Priya is a Gold Medalist in herbal cosmetics and had done M.D. in the same subject.

In practice, soon they came to realize that many people are facing sexual problems and there are many misconception and myths regarding that. So they went for further studies P.G. sexology. Also they both are awarded as sex education.

While practicing sexology, they come to realize that people appreciate external beauty more than internal beauty. And many couples are facing difficulty in their sexual life because of their partners external beauty. So, they thought if we want to make any couples sexual life better, first we have to make them look beautiful.

Getting inspired from this thought, they further went for PG Trichologist & PG Cosmetologist. They have completed their fellowship from IICTN(Indian Institute of cosmetology Trichology and nutrition).

The doctor strongly believe in treating patient without medicine mostly by alternative treatment. So he also practices acupressure, acupuncture, sujok, chelation, ozone therapy, detox therapy, cupping therapy along with advance colour magnet diet therapy and yoga.

The atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly. Doctors attend and pay attention to each & every patient personally. They treat patient not as an doctor but as a friend and advisor/guide. Often a time patient complaints that Doctor takes very much time in their first consulting.

Male Sexual Problems Doctors in Kolhapur
  • Name Dr. Amitkumar Dashrath Barai
  • Email amitbarai3105@gmail.com
  • Phone +91 9766387420
  • Experience 9 years
  • About BAMS, Awarded As Sex Specialist and Sex Educator, Co-ordinator in Indian society of sex medicine, MD-BIO CHEMIC MEDICINE, Diploma in Medical Trichology, Fellowship In Clinical Cosmetology, Fellowship in Medical Trichology, PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), Hair Transplant Assistant, PG Diploma in Sexology, Psychosexual medicine and Infertility, Fellowship in Sexology (Indian society of Sex Medicine), SEX Specialist award, PG Diploma (Sexual Therapy), PG certificate in cosmetology and Laser Therapy, OZONE THERAPY
Doctors in Dr Barai's Sex Thearpy And Skin Care Centre
  • Name Dr. Priya Barai
  • Email priyasonparote0211@gmail.com
  • Phone +91 9921430920
  • Experience 10 years
  • About BAMS, GOLD MEDAL AWARD, PG DIPLOMA (COSMETOLOGY AND LASER THERAPY), PG CERTIFICATE (SEXUAL THERAPY), MD - Doctor of Medicine Cosmetic with Herbal medicine Technology (CH), PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), PG Diploma in Medical Trichology, Fellowship In Clinical Cosmetology, Fellowship in Medical Trichology, Hair Transplant Assistant, PG Diploma in clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, PG Diploma in Obesity Management Through Diet, PG Diploma in Sports Nutrition, PG Diploma in Advance Medical Skin Aesthetics and Lasers